Wednesday, June 19, 2013



One of my favorite themes to
paint in needlepoint is Santa or Father Christmas
or St. Nicholas or Mr. Christmas.
I thought it would be fun 
to show you how I get going.

On a piece of cut 18 mesh needlepoint 
canvas, I start drawing out
St. Nicholas.
This time I'm thinking green and red paint.

Red for some detail and apple green
for the flower design and dots.
It's coloring like we did when we were younger.

Now for the swirls! 
Hundreds of them.  This is a
trademark of mine.
Some needlepointers stitch them and some not.
They are a nice detail.

copyright 2013 Curtis Boehringer

Before you know it I'm done.
The classical music I listen to always helps.
Thank you George Szell and The Cleveland Orchestra.
He measures about 11" high.  The colors
apple green, red and medium green
work well together. 

Hope you had fun with me today!!!

Till we meet again on Friday!

P.S. The Murder Mystery is only on Friday's.

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