Wednesday, June 12, 2013


In the basement of an old antique shop 
the hunt was on.  Looking for this and that,
and nothing in perticular.  But as I looked around
a bit I could not help looking at all the
beautiful flowered needlepoint.

Needlepoint chair seats and the fire screens
from a different era long ago.
Thinking of all of the women who spent hours
and hours needlepointing this lovely pieces 
and now they were in a basement shop
waiting for someone to rediscover and buy them.

One right after another. 
The cabbage roses, lillies of the valley and daisies, 
the bouquets were beautiful.  The workmenship of
the needlewomen excellent !!  Turn of the last 100 years.

I wished I could have bought them all.  In our hunt
we counted 16 wool creations just seating and waiting.
Many an old needlepoint still has life in it.

Great to decorate with.  Makes a home
looked lived in.  I have over the years I have been collecting 
and loving all of the family needlepoint. 
The history and the stories that each piece has is amazing.
Next time you go antiquing you will see what I mean.

Till we meet again,

On Friday I will start another Murder Mystery.
Murder Mystery Friday's...If you are a quilter
please join patterns to make the quilt.


  1. We used to have a few stores with basements, you never know what goodies you can find, till you dig into the piles, lol.


  2. Beautiful chairs - I would have wanted to take home quite a few of them!!! Gorgeous pictures, Curtis. If I can figure it out, I'll post the pictures of my dining room chairs. Alice


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