Friday, June 21, 2013



Chapter Two

It was a grey and rainy day when I first come to
Wood Haven.  Christopher had brought me home to meet
his Mother.  He told her over tea that we were to be married.
I thought she was going to kill him.
On the spot. But she didn't.

She had looked at me all afternoon in a funny kind of way.
That 'my son is to good for you' way.
She asked a ton of questions about my back round.
Who my people were, what religion was I,
where was I educated.  I told her "Smith."
She said under her breath "Go to Smith you could
even spell it."  The afternoon kept getting worse.  I did not know that someone so kind looking in the painting, could be so evil in real life.  Then she showed me her paintings.

Now at this point I was so hurt.  Nothing I said had pleased her.  When I took a look at
her pictures I was in tears.  I started laughing so hard I had to leave the room.  The tears were pouring out of my eyes.
She was a bad artist.  A very bad artist.  That old lady
couldn't paint her way out of a paper bag.

That made me feel great!  I am an artist,  better than she was
and I had her son...So there!!

She would always hate me for taking away her first born.
I did not care.  Chris loved me and told his Mother to back off.  It wasn't till years later I found out that she tried to stop the wedding.  That B___H!!!

I'm sure she hated me because my husband had control over the estate after she died.  A little something his father put in his will that his mother could not change.  And that it was going to make me a very wealthy woman.  God Bless Father Bingham.

Mother Bingham was only with us three very short years before she was murdered.

(Thank you Curtis for letting me tell my story here.  Janet)

copyright 2013 Curtis Boehringer Mysteries

If you are reading and quilting along...the second block
for this quilt is a shoo fly pie patch.
(That's a nine patch with half square tri angles in the corners)

Each block should measure 9" x 9" when finished
(9 1/2" x 9 1/2" with seam allowance)

Make six shoo fly blocks in a blue print and a
white print with blue in it.
Iron and set aside.

This will be a scrap quilt made in many colors.

See you next Friday with Chapter Three.
13 in all.  Happy sewing!!

Check out my blog on Mondays and Wednesdays, too. 

Till me meet again!!


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