Friday, June 14, 2013


Chapter One

Millicent Elizabeth Bingham was 96 years old when she died.
The picture of her here was painted in the 1920's.
She was a handsome woman. Very stately.  Millie, as 
her friends called her, was the apple of her fathers eye.
Every one loved her.  She was married to her husband
for almost 50 years when he passed away.  William Harrison Bingham left his wife 250 million dollars.
She was the richest woman in the state... Oh hell East of 
the Mississippi!!!

Mr. Bingham had made his money in the refinement of oil.
Mrs. Bingham raised their three children.  She gardened 
and painted.  Spend his money.  Studied music and sang a little opera.
She was a great patron of the arts.
While her friends in the neighborhood  were building
museums to house art, she was painting it.
(Needless to say she was a very bad painter).

I married into the family in 1967.

When Millie passed away, the estate Wood Haven
was left to my husband Christopher and his two brothers
Gordon and Thomas.  The house had 45 rooms. 12 bedrooms,
14 bathrooms, seating rooms, dinning rooms for breakfast and dinner.  Beautiful views of the river.  179 acres of land in the Hudson river valley of New York.
It was like winning the lottery. And nobody had to 
buy a ticket!

But soon all of the happiness we had, turned into mayhem 
and murder when we found the dark, dark secrets of 
Wood Haven.

(Thank you Curtis,  for letting me tell my story here.  Janet)

copyright 2013 Curtis Boehringer Mysteries

If you are reading and quilting along...The first block
for this quilt is a nine patch.
Each block should measure 9" x 9" when finished
(9 1/2" x 9 1/2" with seam allowance)
Make six nine patch blocks in a red print and a 
white print with red in it.
Iron and set aside.

This will be a scrap quilt made in many colors.
See you next Friday with Chapter Two.
13 in all.  Happy sewing!

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Till we meet again!!

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