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When we woke up the next morning, we had both felt relaxed and ready to begin our new life in the house. The sun was out and the birds singing. We didn't want to let go of each other. When we did the clock in the hall was chiming seven o clock. "Up and Adam!" Karen said. As I stood up the room had this golden glow of the sun on the walls. How nice I thought.

I said to Karen "Did you hear that?"... and I hear it again. The sound of people talking in whispers. "Here it is again, you didn't hear it?' "No" said Karen. You must be hearing things." With that the front door bell started ringing. "Hearing things...Get up and put your robe on... " I said.

Going through the hall to the door, I hear the voices say to one other, "Maybe they are not awake yet." "We should had..." I opened the door and said "Good Morning!" There standing before me stood two of the cutest old ladies I had ever seen. They were dressed in old fashion clothes. In black, too. Something out of past. There was something else about them I thought was strange, but I could not put my finger on. Karen, by this time, was standing beside me. "Good Morning," she said.

"We are the Chamber girls. We are both named Ethel. Miss and Mrs. Sisters -in-law you know. I am Ethel G. and my sister-in-law is Ethel B. Good and Bad," she said. Smiling, I asked if the ladies would like to come in. They said no, that they had so many stops to make. Ethel G. stated, "We baked you two a cake to welcome you to the village." Miss Ethel asked, " If there was anything that we need?" I said "No, but Thank You for the wonderful cake..." Karen was so over come, she began to cry... "How nice it was to go to all of the trouble..."she said when Mrs. Ethel interrupted "To make a cake my dear...No trouble at all." "We want you to happy and comfortable here in the village," said Miss Ethel. "Here we are standing around like two old hens...We have many friends to see today. We must be on our way. Good Day to you both," Miss Ethel said. And with that they were gone.

Karen and I both agreed that living out here was going to be different for both of us. We had forgotten how nice people are outside of New York City. Taking the cake to the kitchen, I keep thinking about the two Ethel'. How sweet and generous. The cake was chocolate fudge. With nuts on top. Making the coffee I said to Karen it would be nice to have a piece for breakfast? "No, she said, meet me on the front porch in 15 minutes."

When I arrived the front porch was all set for our first breakfast together. As I sat there I began having a strange felling. I was noticeing the air smelled different and sounds of the street different. I asked Karen about it and she said I was just being crazy. "It's the country Darling. It's always sounds quieter in the country," she said. Even the coffee was better.

Copyright 2011 Curtis Boehringer

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