Friday, March 11, 2011



Walking through the front hall I noticed it's grandeur with a circular staircase that went on forever, though in reality it only went to the forth floor. It also looked as if the front hall had been freshly painted. I asked Karen "Who lived here before us?" She just smiled and said, "That old woman I told you about...".

Exploring the first floor off the hallway with its gorgeous walnut floors, I entered what would become our living room. The north side of it had a beautiful fireplace with all sorts of elaborate moldings and a mantle. There were windows on the side facing front. The room was dark even though it was a bright sunny day. The dancing shadows of the trees on the walls gave the room a rather mysterious look. I noticed, on the south wall, what was a funny looking green house or solarium. All the plants, which were left, had died many years before. Maybe that's why they couldn't sell the place.

I thought it might be fun if we got the solarium back in order to grow orchids and exotic plants. Looking across the room I noticed what looked like a pile of old rags. Looks can be deceiving. I found it was a dirty and smelly old patchwork quilt. I thought I'd surprise Karen by secretly washing it. Lets see what happens. Leaving the solarium, I walked to the back of the house searching for the laundry room.

I threw the quilt into the washer and put it on delicate with some detergent that had been left behind. I don't think I can hurt this any more than it already has been. "Quilts are meant to be used" Karen always told me. As I walked back to the front of the house, Karen was calling me. The moving van had finally arrived.

All day they moved our precious belongings into what was turning out to be a fabulous showcase home like in the magazines. I was amazed at Karen standing in the center hallway, telling the six men exactly where

to place things in the house; what room, what wall... The most unbelievable thing was how beautifully everything fit in this wonderful house. It was as though our possessions were meant to be here.

Everything had moved so quickly that the end of the day was upon us. The movers had been gone a couple of hours before I had even noticed. I had been working in the attic, making sure boxes were put away when I realized I had found that quilt. Did it survive the washer and if it had would it survive the dryer? Down to the laundry room. I opened the washing machine to see what had happened. Miraculously it looked great. What I thought were mildew stains were patches of paisleys and patterns. It looked glorious. It was strange because I didn't remember the quilt being so large...large enough for two people to snuggle under. When it was dry, wouldn't it be nice to present it to Karen as the first treasure we found in the house and to sleep under our very first night in our new home?

copyright 2011 Curtis Boehringer

Each week for the next 13 weeks we will be building a Sampler Quilt.
Next week I will have the first of 12 free block patterns to make this quilt.

I hope you will enjoy the story too!

Best Wishes and Happy Stitching,


  1. More, I need more of the story and cannot wait for the blocks to start!!

  2. I'll be back next Friday. :) blessings, marlene

  3. This is awesome, I can't wait to get the first installment. Tomorrow is the big quilt show in Dallas and I can't wait to go looking for the redwork snowmen...I want them so badly! :) PS...I put your button on my blog and will blog about your BOW (block of the week) on my blog this next week!

  4. What a wonderful story ... I don't want to wait until next Friday :), but I will be back!

  5. Sounds like a very good story...will be back

  6. What a great 1st entry for your mystery week.So tell me where will this story take you and Karen, the quilt, where will it be draped, on a chair, bed, rail, please tell me.
    Love your designs Curtis, nice to see you in our quilting world, love Teah

  7. quilt people should live in big houses ,to hold our fabric stash


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