Wednesday, March 9, 2011



When I was being interviewed for a job at Better Homes and Gardens, I thought I was going to be illustrating cookbooks and such. But I ended up in the craft department. Designing needlepoints and quilts... never did a cookbook drawing for them.

Later on in my designing when I had my own pattern company one of the ideas I had was putting quilting and cooking together...DAH! DAH! Cookbook quilting... The pie series.

The first in this series was THE GREAT AMERICAN APPLE PIE QUILT.

When I was drawing this out, I thought it would be fun to embroider the recipe on to the front of the wall hanging. And a good working recipe at that. Something different for the kitchen. And I would make sure that the recipe would be easy to make. You can MAKE IT OR BAKE IT !!! We used tans and light browns and antique golds for the stars on the quilt. The stars to emulate the pie crust baking and turning brown...almost ready to come out of the oven...!!!

And who doesn't love apple pie. This was one of first times using embroidery on one of my quilts.
I have also baked this quilt, lol, too. The wall hanging measures 25" x 54". A nice size.

If you are interested in MAKING OR BAKING this quilt you can purchase the pattern on my EBAY store...just push the button. It will take you to all of my patterns.

See you all on Friday when I will start a MYSTERY quilt in 13 parts.

Best Wishes and Happy Stitching!

P.S. More pie quilts will be coming...NEW ones too.


  1. Beautiful Curtis! I love the colors you chose and the idea of having the recipe on the quilt. blessings, marlene

  2. Wait a minute How did you know the 4th of July was my favorite Holiday? I love this pattern!! Just beautiful. And I am looking forward to Friday!

  3. Good morning Curtis...luv the American pie quilt. I am Canadian and will retire back to Canada some day...I know I will have to take American memorabilia back with me and I can picture this quilt hanging in my kitchen in Michigan for a few years and then finding a new home in Canada when we move 'back home' ...sweet memories of my days living in Michigan. Looking forward to the mystery on Friday...have a wonderful day!

  4. Some of my favorite things are baking and quilting, so combined, this is something I'm loving! I wanna get it!!

  5. Wow love the American pie pattern!!!! And I will meet you right here on friday...

  6. That American pie pattern is just saying summer time to me ... gorgeous! I'm with Samm here, my fav is lemon mergaine so I'll just have to wait to see what creation you build or have hidden away for that :)


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