Friday, November 8, 2013



Last year, the Friday after Christmas,  I got a message
through Facebook from Elizabeth Bozievich.
She said she is the editor of Needlepoint Now magazine
and would I like to be featured in the magazine?
Would I ??!!!  She had been watching my posts
on Facebook.

From Thanksgiving to New Year's Day I put one new needlepoint design on
so people could see what I up to as a designer
& artist.  That Friday the canvas was "Kissing Santa at Mid-night".  To which Ms. Bozievich said "I cann't stand it!!  You 
have to let us run some of your designs in the magazine."

I said O.K.  Long story short, here is the canvas.

The Holly & Ivy Santa.

These are the steps I used to paint Him...Enjoy!!!  Now He is on the cover of the November- December issue 2013.
This was the best Christmas present I got last year!!

Thank you, Elizabeth. 
I will be featured in the January-February 2014 issue as well!!!

To order the canvas, have your favorite shop
contact me at:
or call me at
216.381.2485  Mon.- Sat. 10:am- 5:pm EST.

(If I do not answer please leave a message...I'm
most likely out walking Buddy my dog.)

We are also putting the website together.

Will be up and running in a week.

Thank you all and Have a Merry Christmas !!!

Best Wishes,

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