Friday, July 5, 2013



Chapter Four

"So Granny dear give me your arm,"  the voice said.  With a quick jab, the needle had sunk into her flesh and the deed was done.  Millicent hadn't made a sound.  She just fell deeper into sleep.  She would sleep the sleep of the angels. Permanently.  Her maid would find her in the morning  and no one would be the wiser.  Before "the voice" left the room,
they thought of all those millions.  Inheriting all that money made them almost dizzy with pleasure.

When the morning came, the news of her death didn't shock
the household staff.  Everyone would think it was natural.  A heart attack, maybe.  But the voice knew, "Heart attack, indeed."  She was an old nasty woman who needed to die. They just helped speed things up.  After all 96 years wasn't a bad life.

The police were called and an ambulance came to take her body away.  My husband and I stood at the front door as they entered and went to her room.  The police were very gentle with her, rapping her in a sheet and putting her into a body bag.  Interesting how gentle people are.  No one could hurt her now.  Not like those whom she had hurt.  All of the ones who tried to love her.  The police then left with her.  After answering some questions we went inside.  So this was the start of my day.  It wasn't even 10:00 am.  "What next?",  I said to Christopher.

No sooner had I said it, the
phone started ringing.  I was puzzled for a minute.  "Your kidding !!!  Are you sure!!!"
 I was in total disbelief.  "Honey you're not going to believe this...!"  As I handed Chris the phone,  I started to faint.
This was the last thing I would ever want to hear.

(Thank you, Curtis for letting me tell my story.  Janet)

 copyright 2013 Curtis Boehringer Mysteries 

If you are reading and quilting along...this weeks block in a very easy one.  Cut a floral print into a 9 1/2" square.
(9 1/2" x 9 1/2") that's with the seam allowance.

Cut six. Iron and set aside.
Use a pink floral print...fussy cut it if you want.
We are making a scrap quilt of many colors.

See you next week with Chapter Five.
13 in all.

Till we meet again,

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